Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Thank you for choosing Puppy School South Lakes. Classes cover socialisation and basic training for puppies aged between 12 and 20 weeks. Puppies must be over 12 wks and have had their 2nd vaccine before the start of class.
The classes are 1 hr long and are run over a 6 wk course. They are fun, easy, friendly and small in numbers so you and your puppy can get the most from your experience.(maximum 6 puppies)
Puppies are taught using positive reinforcement in a force free and calm manner. You can check out for more information and some very helpful hints and tips for doing the best for your new addition.
The classes are held in Lindal Village Hall. They are £12 per class but need to be booked in a course of 6. To register your puppy and to secure your place I need the following details.
• If you are a Mr Miss or Mrs
• Full Name
• Address with postcode
• Email address for correspondence
• Puppies name
• Breed
• D.O.B.
Once I register you then Puppy School will send you a welcome email and request for payment. Once payment has been received you will receive confirmation of your place and a Manual will be posted out containing all 6 lesson plans. Please make sure you have been registered on the correct course date and time.
If you need any more information my mobile is 07468601127.

The next class start date is Tuesday 21st March @ 6.30pm

Kind Regards Andrea x

Introducing Puppy School

These classes are small in numbers so you and your dog can get the best from the class. The maxium number is 4 dogs so they receive the full benefit of this workshop. The first lesson is a dog free tutorial! This gives us a chance to talk over the theory and techniques without you worrying about your dog. This course is for older puppies of 5mths and over and young adult dogs.

As dogs reach adolescence, hormonal changes can cause your once well behaved puppy to become a bit of a tearaway. Unfortunately this is a stage we all have to go through and it really is just a case of practice, practice, practice and riding the storm. It won’t last forever! But it can be quite challenging. Most problems include, “dog not listening”, “not interested in owner”, “more interested in the big wide world & other dogs”, “behaviour problems due to frustration”, general increase in energy levels and “forgetting their manners”. In class we will try and re focus the dogs back onto you and help you understand the changing needs of your teenage dog. 

 The classes will run over 7wks and will cover:

  • The importance of how dogs learn, rewards ,timings ,consistency etc.

  • The importance of fulfilling your dogs needs and providing an outlet for energy bouts.

  • The importance of rewarding and satisfying toy play. What toys? And how?

  • What is mental stimulation for dogs?

  • The importance of dog/human play and the ratio of dog/dog play.

  • The benefits of using house lines and long lines in training.

  • Focus and eye contact to build trust and improve your relationship with your dog.

  • Target training basics, lots of fun and useful for further training. (focus getting games)

  • Lead manners

  • Frustration control. I want! I want! I want!

  • Controlled greetings/ jumping up.

  • Off (Leave) & Take it, helping your dog understand when you don’t want him to have something he/she shouldn’t.

  • Wait/ Stay, building up to distance.

  • Recall, building up to distance and distractions! The importance of high value rewards!!

  • Impulse control around other dogs/distractions etc.

  • Teaching tricks and how they benefit you and your dog.

All the teachings will be taught using positive reinforcement and in a force free and calm manner. The emotional wellbeing of your dog is of the uppermost importance. If I feel a dog is too overwhelmed by the class situation, then I will advise 1 to 1 training until their confidence is ready to learn in a class environment. I will of course discuss, you and your dogs requirements beforehand to ensure the class environment is suitable for your dog.

This class is not suitable for fear reactive dogs! If you think your dog is fear reactive please have a chat with me about desensitisation, counter conditioning and confidence building. Fear reactivity is better helped by doing one to one classes with you and your dog.

The classes cost £12 each but need to be paid in a block of 7 which is £84. This is to ensure your place is secure and enable me to pay for the venue in advance. Please send a cheque payable to A. PHILLIPS to 6 Ulverston Road. Lindal In Furness. LA12 0LP. Alternatively, you can transfer to 11-88-47 00060569. Please use your full name as a reference.

When I receive payment your place will be secured. I will then send out confirmation with further information , registration form and questionnaire.