Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Thank you for choosing Puppy School South Lakes. Classes cover socialisation and basic training for puppies aged between 12 and 20 weeks. Puppies must be over 12 wks and have had their 2nd vaccine before the start of class.
The classes are 1 hr long and are run over a 6 wk course. They are fun, easy, friendly and small in numbers so you and your puppy can get the most from your experience.(maximum 6 puppies)
Puppies are taught using positive reinforcement in a force free and calm manner. You can check out for more information and some very helpful hints and tips for doing the best for your new addition.
The classes are held in Lindal Village Hall. They are 12 per class but need to be booked in a course of 6. To register your puppy and to secure your place I need the following details.
? If you are a Mr Miss or Mrs
? Full Name
? Address with postcode
? Email address for correspondence
? Puppies name
? Breed
? D.O.B.
Once I register you then Puppy School will send you a welcome email and request for payment. Once payment has been received you will receive confirmation of your place and a Manual will be posted out containing all 6 lesson plans. Please make sure you have been registered on the correct course date and time.
If you need any more information my mobile is 07468601127.

The next class start date is Tuesday 21st March @ 6.30pm

Kind Regards Andrea x

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School Holidays!

Posted on 29 July, 2014 at 13:30 Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone. Time has flown since my last entry. Business is so busy right now. From the word go it went crazy! Thanks to all my new and existing clients and their fab pets. I am loving this. So whats been happening? Zeus has lost 3 teeth! How? you ask. Well basically because he is a complete tool! 1 canine and 2 incissors down his good looks haven't been comprimised, thankfully, until he pants, then he looks like a hill billy!! The vet said!!!! soft foods only for 10days until we check his stitches. I wondered if a jenga block and a permanent marker constitute as SOFT foods!!?? Apparently Zeus thinks they do. The vet does not! I have to stop him eating bricks apparently. Hmmm!? Went on a Business Course last week. Get me! was expecting Snoresville from Snoreland, but alas I was wrong! Its was really interesting. Met some lovely people and learnt some pretty cool things about cashflow forecasts. Honestly it was a massive learning curve for me but hey knowledge is power and power suited to Iron man. Also feel my job would be so much easier if some dogs did not want to hump every dog, male or female, regardless of size and stability!! Not mentioning any names!!! Although Albert Humpalot is not named such because he is serenely asexual at all times. No he is a sex pest of the dog world and should be on some sort of list! Even the most well behaved dogs have a weakness at some point for another dog and want to hump it. My old girl Anna for instance has usually no interest in other dogs. Sometimes when we have K9 visitors it takes all of her effort to slide from the sofa and give them a sniff. Except for Phoebe! Well when Phoebe arrives the old girl springs into life and constantly wants to hump her!! Poor Phoebe, she is so patient. Not only do I empty her anal glands but she is molested by my dog, who has arthritic hips by the way!, to within an inch of her life. Yet she still runs in wagging her tail. Bless her she is an angel. They do make me laugh. I was sitting with friends the other week and we were talking about meeting men, as you do with a couple of glasses of wine down you. Someone said, remember that film with J-Lo, she was a dog walker and she met that lovely man. Yes I said I remember that film. When J-Lo went walking she looked stunning, as always, perfectly natural make up, beautifully tousled hair blowing in the wind, long slender legs running along like some kind of goddam gazelle. HOWEVER!! I have hair that sticks up like a minion, after the purple potion!! and on a hot day sticks to my face with sweat. If I have dogs in both hands then I can't push my glasses up after they have slipped down my nose either with rain or sweat! so they end up wonky and I can't see a thing. Sometimes I don't notice until I get home that I have dog snot stuck to my cheek, and a poo bag in my pocket. I have usually fallen over a couple of times and have grass marks on my knees or bum and pieces of twig in my hair. Saying all that I did get a wolf whistle last week from a rather elderly gentlemen sitting on a park bench cradling a bottle of whiskey!! Onwards and Upwards xx


Posted on 30 May, 2014 at 9:15 Comments comments (0)

Still no van!!!! :(waiting patiently for a decision!!!!!?????

Busy Busy Busy!!

Posted on 30 May, 2014 at 8:50 Comments comments (0)

Hello folks. Well things are going very well for us at the minute. Thank you to all our satisfied customers, k9 and human. You make this job a great one. Welcome to all our new faces big and small and to our new regular clients. We are now official as from yesterday, so a huge thank you to Phoenix Business Centre, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Furness Enterprise Ltd for all their support and help getting me up and sprinting!! Celebrations are in order. Also a huge thank you to Debbie at The Dog Salon, Hart St, Ulverston 586135. She is brilliant and has been so supportive and just a lovely person to meet. I don't know how she gets her dogs so happy and calm!! must be the geordie in her! Thank you to Jill Mcleod and Eunice McKintosh for agreeing to give me references, much appreciated ladies. Well must dash as have another appointment in 30mins. Oh and thank you to Eunice Evans for a marvelous cuppa, just what you need after a walk in the rain. Ciao for now peeps, Andrea x


Posted on 20 May, 2014 at 11:30 Comments comments (0)

Well Ive never had a website let alone written a blog. Im so proud of this, its the first time Ive ever done anything like this before and its taken a while but its looking good. Just a few minor adjustment, a few more photos and to correct a few spelling mistakes:| Thanks to everyone who given feedback it is greatly appreciated and thanks for everyones support, you've all been fantastic. It it a huge learning curve for me setting up my own business and everything that goes with it but I never enjoyed anything so much in my life. This is why I went into nursing, to help people and their pets. My new clients are lovely and their pets are adorable. I would like to say an extra special thank you to Fiona Cloherty, Director at Phoenix Business Centre Barrow. She has been brilliant and her enthusiasm and belief in me was exceptional, not to mention her fountain of knowledge, great sense of humour and lovely brew!! 

Hopefully you will see me busying about in my new van all going well with the powers that be, will keep you informed. Must go and feed my children they are opening cupboard doors and sighing:), 

Zeus and Anna shattered after their mental running ordeal at the park with Honey Thomas and Albert Grainger. Billy the greyhound gave them all a run for their money. Zeus nearly collapsed he couldn't keep up. Also lovely to see Alberts brother and sister, Enrie and Millie Higham so it was Yorkie and Cocker poo central in Ford Park this morning. 

P.S. Sorry to the man with the collie, Zeus stole his football, was returned covered in slob!! Nice:D