Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Andrea Phillips Dog Training

Thank you for choosing Puppy School South Lakes. Classes cover socialisation and basic training for puppies aged between 12 and 20 weeks. Puppies must be over 12 wks and have had their 2nd vaccine before the start of class.
The classes are 1 hr long and are run over a 6 wk course. They are fun, easy, friendly and small in numbers so you and your puppy can get the most from your experience.(maximum 6 puppies)
Puppies are taught using positive reinforcement in a force free and calm manner. You can check out for more information and some very helpful hints and tips for doing the best for your new addition.
The classes are held in Lindal Village Hall. They are £12 per class but need to be booked in a course of 6. To register your puppy and to secure your place I need the following details.
• If you are a Mr Miss or Mrs
• Full Name
• Address with postcode
• Email address for correspondence
• Puppies name
• Breed
• D.O.B.
Once I register you then Puppy School will send you a welcome email and request for payment. Once payment has been received you will receive confirmation of your place and a Manual will be posted out containing all 6 lesson plans. Please make sure you have been registered on the correct course date and time.
If you need any more information my mobile is 07468601127.

The next class start date is Tuesday 21st March @ 6.30pm

Kind Regards Andrea x

Introducing Puppy School

Welcome to the website of Andrea Phillips Dog Training based in Lindal in Furness, Cumbria. I offer help for you, to help train your dog and to help you better understand your furry family members. If you are looking for a fun, friendly and kind method of training for you family pet then look no further. I believe that we all owe our canine companion the very best of care and having an understanding of his/her needs and feelings is paramount to helping our dogs be happy and confident in our human world. Our dogs communicate with us all the time and it is up to us to start to "listen" to what they are trying to tell us. Only by educating ourselves are we able to help our dogs become relaxed, happy and a pleasure to be around. Your dog needs to be a dog and expresses himself as a dog, after all he is not a human. I believe that having a strong bond with your dog and working as a team is the answer. Using training methods your dog would choose. Offering him/her choice and encouraging independent thinking builds confidence in your dog and shows you what extraordinary animals they really are.

In my capacity as a Veterinary Nurse I was always overwhelmed by the power of a bond between dog and owner. Even after 20yrs the powerful feeling of compassion and awe at this relationship has never waned. Over the last few years, having my own business as a dog walker, I have come to really think about dogs and what they bring to our Human lives. For me personally my dogs bring the ultimate companionship. They also bring fun, cuddles, more motivation for outdoor pursuits, my boots!, a warm welcome home, security and a handy floor cleaning service. They also bring huge vet bills, worry, stress and muddy paws to say the least. 

Dogs serve a huge purpose to us humans. Through Service Dogs including Search & Rescue, Helping Dogs, Guide Dogs, Scentwork Dogs, Security Dogs, PAT Dogs, Livestock Guarding & Herding, Competition Dogs, Medical Response Dogs etc, the list goes on. We work with Dogs on many levels and in many different circumstances. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My methods are based on scientific research and very up to date. I only ever use positive reinforcement (rewarding/reinforcing desired behaviour) paired with negative punishment (witholding reward and not reinforcing undesired behaviour). I do not agree with or use negative reinforcement (applying an aversive treatment until desired behaviour is reached) or positive punishment (giving an aversive treatment when undesired behaviour is occuring) of any kind. I do not agree with or use adversive methods or training equipment. I do not believe a dog needs to be dominated or intimidated to be well trained.                                                                                                             

I endeavor to keep my knowledge updated and attend many courses per year to do so.     


My education is ongoing and I believe, there is always more to learn. 2017 holds an exciting look forward to a Behaviour Course at Puppy School HQ in Cheltenham in March. The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers 4 Day practical course in York on May 17th. Hopefully in September I will be starting my FdSc in Applied Canine Training and Behaviour at Bishop Burton College. So 2017 is going to be a busy year. My Aim is to be a member of the ABTC by this time next year. Looking forward to every minute.  Join me in my exciting journey into Dog Training.

Why me?

I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse and a Member of the BVNA and I have over 20yrs experience in all fields of pet care. I am a certified Puppy School Tutor, trained by Gwen Bailey and a member of the Pet Professional Guild.  I also have Public Liability Insurance with Petplan

Your pets wellbeing is of the uppermost importance to me and for you to feel comfortable working with me. I am not here to judge but to help you find a better way to teach and communicate with your dog. 

References are available, please also see our client testimonials.